This shed is ideal as a fast and simple solution to your storage needs. Standard on this shed are 6’ 41/2” back walls and 8’ 41/2” front walls featuring a 4:12 roof slope. Roof rafters are 16” on center to add strength to the roof. Shingles and roofedge in your color of choice.

FLOOR: Treated 4×4 skids, framed 2×4 floor (24” on center) and 3/4 osb.
WALLS: Completed walls ready to set up
ROOF: Premade rafters at 4:12 slope and 16” o.c., 7/16 osb sheeting, 30 year Architect shingles and tin roofedge in color of choice.
TRIM: 2×6 fascia , 1×4 corner trim and soffit. COMPLETED Double door assembly with heavy duty hinges, Door trim and directions.

*  Please note that siding colors are limited.  Check Gentek or Mitten websites for your choice then contact us for the price.  Darker colors cost more.

Contact us for a quote.