1. Check the size of your yard space and determine the size (including height) of shed that best meets your needs.  Remember that more storage is always better.
      2. Review our shed designs or get a picture of one you might like.
      3. Determine where you want any doors and windows ie: double doors, house door,   window size?
    1. Email us at cjmackintosh@sasktel.net with all the above information and ask for a quote.  You will receive a detailed quote noting window and door placement, shed size   and design, and prices for a package, a completed structure (to be moved on site) or   the cost of constructing your shed on site.
    2. Once the details are finalized we require 50% deposit before construction begins.   During busy months (april to October) there will be a lineup of people wanting our   products (approximately a 4 week backlog) therefore no  order is placed in que until a   deposit is made.  You will receive  a tentative completion date at that time.

A final date and a review of design will be sent one week before completion.  The   remainder of the invoice needs to be paid upon completion of the project