This shed is for those who want something a little different.
Standard on this shed is 7 ft studs, 4:12 roofline, Double 2 ft. doors 6 ft high, 3ft overhang.

FLOOR:  Treated 4×4 skids, framed 2×4 floor  (24” on center) and 3/4 osb.

WALLS:  Completed walls ready to set up at 7’ 4 ½”

ROOF:  Premade rafters at 4:12 slope and 6” overhang rear 3ft front.  2×6 ridge board , 7/16 osb, 30 year Architect shingles and tin roofedge in color of choice.

TRIM:  2×6 fascia , 1×4 corner trim and soffit.  COMPLETED Double door assembly with heavy duty hinges, Door trim and directions.


*  Please note that siding colors are limited.  Check Gentek or Mitten websites for your choice then contact us for the price.  Darker colors cost more.

Sample Package List – Lil House
Floor: 4x4x12′ treated skids 2
  4x8x3/4  t & g OSB 3
  Floor: framed but not sheeted. 2×4 24″ oc  
Walls: Front: framed and sheeted with opening for door at 37 1/2″ wide x 82″ high in
middle of wall. R/o for 24×24 window.
  Right: Framed and  sheeted.  R/o for 30×36  window  
  Left: Framed and sheeted.  
  Back: Framed and sheeted  
  Gable ends: Framed and sheeted with rafter supports on a 4:12 slope with 6″ overhang rear, 3′ front.  
Roof: Rafters: precut at 4:12  6“ overhang, 36” overhang   5
  Ridgeboard: 2x6x12′ center ridge marked for rafters 1
  Sheeting: 4x8x7/16 OSB 2
  Sheeting: 17 1/2 x8‘ 2
  Sheeting: 24″ x67“ 2
  Roofedge: bright white 6
  shingles cambridge dual grey 5
  3 tab roof cap 1
Trim: 2x6x 13’ side fascia 2
  2x6x6′ front and rear fascia (requires trimming) 4
  1x4x8′ corner trim, soffit 12
  extra sheet osb and corner trim  
  30×36” window  
  H clips, flooring nails and roof sheeting nails.  

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